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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital has disrupted every industry. Your customers now expect you to be creative and expects you to provide personalized experience. In pursuit of meeting customer expectations there are host of things that an organization has to go through.

  • Application Development
  • Legacy Modernization

ValueMap enables clients align themselves to providing digital, personalized, and consistent experience across eco-system. To be simple, nimble yet compelling. All the time. Businesses that can deliver on that will build loyalty that leads to growth.

Application Development

Turn your idea into an app, fast!
Now, more than ever, an app is essential to your business. Build yours, worry-free. Get award-winning tech, with a fixed price and delivery date before you start.

Why choose us? – Don’t start from scratch!
We have a massive library of features (login, shopping cart, secure payments). Stack them and customize them, any way you want. It’s faster and costs less too.

Fixed price, upfront – Build what you need on time, in budget!
With a fixed price for your app, quoted before you even start, you are in control!
Pay as you go adding more features – or – pay less as you remove any!

Reliable code – Rigorous testing – means everything works as it should!
AI and ML tested codes are free of typos giving time to humans to recheck and concentrate more on making your app more engaging.

Transparent process – Set delivery dates
A user-friendly dashboard allows you to keep a close eye on how your app is shaping up. Make changes or even pause your project, whenever you like. There’s no guesswork with your app. You decide how fast you want it delivered. And from prototype to full build, you’ll know when to expect each stage. So take charge – Track, amend and get software support, anytime.

Legacy Modernization​

Legacy Modernization is the continued process of transforming Legacy Systems in order to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, increase data consistency, enable collaboration across platforms and improve process flexibility. It mostly aims at transforming existing systems into web based thin client systems and integrate multiple related systems. One of the major challenges in legacy modernization is to ensure that the modernized system has similar capabilities with compatibility with existing data formats.

ValueMap – end-to-end partner

ValueMap works with you through your entire application transformation—from the modernization of existing infrastructure and applications to the development and deployment of applications that run on any cloud platform. Together we begin, small steps at a time. We develop an ROI-based strategy aligned to your goals and harness quick wins. From there, Using DevOps tools, accelerators and AI-driven automation, we start bringing a change in your culture, scale across your business and make your journey to the cloud a success.

Reduce application costs

Reduce your technology debt with ValueMap partnering. We help you to optimize applications and migrate to the cloud fast, with measurable impact, including reduced compliance risk and migration cost, and improved deployment speed. Our skills, methods and tooling also go beyond modernization, helping you align your IT with business requirements, reduce your operating costs to free up innovation capital and enhance your overall application security.

Faces-400x400px-1_1_05-thegem-testimonial (Demo)
Mr. Wayne Shorter
CEO at WebFlixx

During our work with TheGem Agency for the past 2 years, their team demonstrated high levels of professionalism, accuracy and efficiency.

Faces-400x400px-1_1_30-thegem-testimonial (Demo)
Mr. Dani Second
CEO at WebFlixx

During our work with TheGem Agency for the past 2 years, their team demonstrated high levels of professionalism, accuracy and efficiency.

Let’s make something together

At ValueMap technologies, we are focused on designing and delivering customized, client-focused Business and Technology services that make the impossible possible for our clients. Contact us to learn more about how ValueMap Technologies can provide Staffing and Technology solutions that measure, maximize, and deliver results.