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Permanent Staffing

Permanent resources give stability and reliability to an organization and, when apposite, an asset to you. At ValueMap, we understand the need to have the right candidate so you can invest your company’s future in them – because permanent resources not just fill your job requirements but also complement your company’s work culture.

ValueMap partners with organizations of all sizes and segments to deliver best-in-class resources across industries and location. With total control of our resources in your hand from day one, ValueMap has transparent open systems that give you the flexibility to choose the expertise you need to keep your initiatives on track and your business growing.

With access to one of the largest pre-qualified candidates’ database, IT staffing experience and expertise, we help you build the workforce in a way that drives your business forward. Our recruiters make sure that the candidates have all the right skills to take on your mission critical initiatives from day one. We have ready talent for all your requirements – be it niche positions or volume hires. We assess your requirements, build a custom hiring approach based on your needs and work culture, find the best fit and deliver talent in the shortest possible time.

Contract To Hire

This service model allows you to try-before-hire opportunity. Get access to potential candidate’s skills before bringing them on your payroll. Whether on our payroll or yours; you have full control on the resource. We have a large proprietary database of pre-qualified talent who you can bring on your payroll whenever you feel is the right time. Meanwhile, you can decide on the factors like – skill fit, cultural fit, responsible traits, and work quality checks.

We will place a pre-screened candidate with you for a probationary period and as with any contract employee, we handle the payroll. If the resource matches your requirement, you have the leverage to bring him/her on your payroll. Additionally, with our flexible resource delivery modes you can have them placed onsite, offsite or offshore. Our services will not only help you optimize costs but also maximize efficiency, improve productivity and add rare to find skill sets to your team. Choose flexibility and quality at scale with contract to hire services from SVABRS.

Contractual Staffing

A progressive organization is one that aligns itself to the shifting paradigms of the market. ValueMap prides itself on meeting all new and changing market trends to meet your current and future requirements to the fullest.

ValueMap Understanding that some organizations may not want the overheads of permanent staff to get a short-term assignment or a project executed, ValueMap offers highly qualified resources with specific skillsets to suit your needs – on a contract basis. A contract staff offers you flexibility, business freedom while at the same time eliminating the additional costs of maintaining the employee on your payroll. Our trained and experienced consultants will work as a part of your team for the stipulated period of time, giving you total control on them, while we take care of their payroll.

For long-term and short-term assignments, niche project areas and contract jobs – our resources work for you through us. ValueMap has a wide selection of technical resources that bring wealth of experience in areas spanning open source to niche technologies within every industry. We provide skilled IT professionals to fit your business needs. From Application Developers, Network Engineers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, CIOs and CTOs, our reliable and flexible resources work for you and with you whether on-site, off-site or offshore – as per your project demands.

Recruitment process outsourcing

ValueMap is your value partner when it comes to outsourcing your recruitment process – whether you outsource a single module or turnkey recruitment processes. Our custom-built solutions take care of all your recruitment needs, so your workforce can focus on your core competencies.

Our experience of working with a diverse set of industries across various locations works to streamline your recruitment process in such a way that you see improved productivity and enhanced performance. Working as an extension to your existing talent acquisition team we help them craft the right recruitment strategies and processes aligned to your business goals.

ValueMap’s top-notch recruitment process outsourcing services effectively run your recruitment life-cycle, right from assessing the need of a resource to on-boarding to managing payroll and employee retention. Our customizable, scalable and flexible RPO solutions optimize candidate quality and improve business performance with significantly lower costs.

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Mr. Wayne Shorter
CEO at WebFlixx

During our work with TheGem Agency for the past 2 years, their team demonstrated high levels of professionalism, accuracy and efficiency.

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Mr. Dani Second
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During our work with TheGem Agency for the past 2 years, their team demonstrated high levels of professionalism, accuracy and efficiency.

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