About us

Established in 2019, with a clear mission to build and strengthen Technology and Business Consulting Services by delivering substantial value to clients, we are pleased to share that ValueMap has not only achieved its initial goals but has also successfully launched additional service operations and forged product partnerships. This expansion has broadened our service presence to include India, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

As a vibrant and emerging organization, our emphasis centers around the following specialized domains:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Practice
  • Customer Communication Management (CCM) Practice
  • UI & UX Design
  • Application Managed Services
  • Offshore Development Practice
  • Staffing Solutions


Having garnered a multitude of clients spanning India, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, our fundamental principles revolve around prioritizing customer satisfaction, ensuring impeccable execution, and assuming full accountability for our actions.

Backed by a team of seasoned professionals across diverse market offerings, we assure the fulfilment of our commitments. We are dedicated to timely delivery, upholding stringent quality standards, and adhering to agreed-upon budgets. Our adaptable engagement models offer clients a range of options, allowing them the flexibility to select the level of involvement that aligns with their corporate policies, needs, and financial strategies.

We are Microsoft Cloud Certified Partner for Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions.


Our Vison is to transform into the preferred strategic business partner for our clients, attained by harnessing the power of Technology, Talent, and Process.


Our Mission is to act as a holistic solutions provider for clients seeking support in Technology, Transformation, and Talent. We strive to empower them to focus on their core strengths through forward-thinking and innovative collaboration in IT and Business processes.


At ValueMap, our commitment lies in delivering excellence across all our services. Our vision is constructed on the pillars of our core values, which permeate every aspect of our organization. These values serve as the guiding cornerstones that shape our comprehensive approach.

Excellence: At the core of ValueMap’s foundation is the paramount principle of “Getting it right from the start,” and this principle is synonymous with Quality. Whether it involves collaborating with leading global solution providers, delivering services that meet customer expectations and international benchmarks through our team of adept, process-driven, and transparent consultants, or providing well-matched, highly qualified, and meticulously assessed talent – all these initiatives come together to empower customers with cutting-edge technology and process transformation, or to offer support that not only upholds the status quo but does so with a distinctive edge.

Innovation: Fostering a culture of innovation and visionary perspectives, continually exploring inventive solutions to technological challenges, and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Collaboration: Promoting collaboration and proficient communication, both internally and with clients, to attain synergy and comprehensive problem-solving.

Customer-Centricity: Placing the needs and contentment of clients at the forefront, customizing solutions to meet their distinct requirements, and establishing robust, enduring relationships founded on trust and transparency.

The Team

Anand Karajgikar

(Co-Founder and CEO)

Anand possesses extensive expertise in both the Banking and IT sectors, accumulating over 24 years of highly accomplished experience. His specialization lies in Financial Technologies, with a specific emphasis on Customer Centricity, Customer Experience Management, Digital Transformation, Process Centralization & Optimization, and Banking Operations.

Anand is known for his relationship-oriented approach, having gained extensive experience collaborating with prominent banks, financial services organizations as well as other industry segments throughout Asia Pacific, India, the Middle East, and African countries.

In his capacity as CEO, Anand bears the responsibility for the comprehensive leadership and management of the company. This entails formulating the strategic direction and vision for the organization, making pivotal decisions, and ensuring the attainment of the company’s goals and objectives. Anand is held accountable for overseeing the company’s performance, financial well-being, and overall health. Furthermore, he actively engages in talent management, cultivates a positive organizational culture, and adeptly responds to shifts in the business environment.

Atul Kulkarni

(Senior Consulting Director – Strategy and Business Growth)

Atul is a management graduation with 30 years of experience as a Senior Executive in various multinational corporations spanning diverse industries, including Healthcare, Personal Protection Equipment / Industrial consumable , Automobile Retail, and Information Technology . His extensive experience encompasses national leadership roles and a 4-year stint as CEO. Atul has led large cross functional teams and big businesses with focus on sustainable profit growth.

Atul’s professional expertise includes growth strategy formulation and execution , overseeing successful new product launches, driving market development, leading recruitment, and training initiatives, providing executive coaching, building and managing talent pipelines, implementing effective performance management systems, mitigating risks, and fostering a performance-driven culture. He is adept at implementing modern management practices like 6 Sigma, Kaizen, Daily works management , BSC -Balance score card , NPS -Net promoters’ score , C-SAT -Customer satisfaction. 

In his current role as Consultant Senior Director of Strategy and Business Growth, He will lead strategic initiatives, taking a pivotal role in formulating and executing the roadmap that propels our business across diverse verticals and geographical regions. His leadership is instrumental in navigating the evolving landscape, identifying untapped opportunities, and guiding the organization toward sustainable growth. Additionally, he is committed to fostering a collaborative culture and providing an environment where innovative ideas can flourish.

Passionate about leadership and continuous learning , Atul values creativity and commitment.

Bhakti Karajgikar

(Co-Founder and Delivery Director)

Drawing upon more than 16 years of extensive experience in HR Management, Bhakti brings a wealth of knowledge acquired through her journey in prominent IT consulting firms, where she held various roles. Her expertise lies in talent management, compensation, employee benefits, and compliance.

Committed to establishing a harmonious balance between individuals’ professional and personal lives, Bhakti played a crucial role in the establishment of ValueMap. The core objective is to nurture a deep sense of trust, respect, and empathy between organizations and employees by adopting a holistic approach to HR management.

A compassionate leader at her core, Bhakti possesses a talent for connecting with employees at all levels. She excels in gathering intelligence, swiftly grasping behavioral nuances, and providing a platform for employees to freely express themselves. Her solutions not only benefit employees professionally but also contribute to their personal growth.

Bhakti holds a Management degree in HRM from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, India.

Integrating technology, alliances, and diverse talents for empowered businesses through innovative solutions and dynamic workforce acquisition.

Registered Office

#15A, 4th Floor, City Vista, Suit No, 441, Fountain Road,
Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014 (INDIA).
Contact : +91 70222 56739
Email : Info@vmaptech.com

Operating Office

#8, Sai Siddhi Building, Trimurti Chowk,
NDA- Pashan Road, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021 (INDIA)
Contact : +91 70222 56739
Email : Info@vmaptech.com

Overseas Office

19 Baratta Road,Taraneit,
VIC 3029 (Australia)
Contact : +61 3700 91742
Email : info@vmaptech.com

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