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Professional IT Staff Augmentation Services

Increase your organization’s capacity using third-party resources. We save your time and the cost of hiring and onboarding the right employees.
Augment your Team with experienced IT professionals and save Time & Money.

Get Top-Notch Staff Augmentation Service.

Scale your Team with our top staff augmentation services.
We know how difficult it is to hire an IT staff. That’s why we care for your business.
Tired of investing too much time and resources in staff sourcing, onboarding and training? Speak to experts at ValueMap to explore a comprehensive offering around skilled, time-bound, instantly deployable, and yet cost-effective resource augmentation solutions.

Why businesses need staff augmentation?

Access to the Best candidates: staff augmentation allows the organization find the best IT staff for their project. Get instant access to the right person at a low cost.

Discover Expert IT talents: IT staff augmentation team help organizations hire IT experts quickly to expand team capabilities and bring efficiency to the project.

Short-term Partnership: Staff augmentation give organizations the chance to hire specialized individuals that may only require for a short period when full-time employment is not practical.

Lower Operational Costs: No need to burn cash on office rent, equipment and taxes. IT staff augmentation service follow pay as you go model which means they are paid based on projects or hours.

Staff Augmentation Services: Our Methodology

A Process that brings the Right Talent to you.

Level 1 Evaluation of Needs
At this stage, we evaluate the employees on the basis of various code/skill tests and select the best employees for the next level of evaluation.
Level 2 Organizing Tests
Complex coding or other skills test at this level which is mandatory for staff to enter the next process.
Level 3 Final selection
We schedule face-to-face or video call-based interviews with approved candidates for team augmentation.
Ready To Augment Your Team? Let our IT staff augmentation service help you meet your objectives with the right talent.

Why choose ValueMap for your IT Staff Augmentation Needs Choosing ValueMap as your IT staff Augmentation partner means –

  • Access to multiple talent networks: ValueMap has an access to wide talent networks and has a pool of expert IT talents to meet your IT staff augmentation needs.
  • Availability to hire quickly: We have ready to onboard IT experts. At ValueMap, we proactively search out IT experts so that you can instantly access the relevant IT experts.
  • Reduce Overhead Cost: Hiring a talent sourcing company is among the most used cost-saving methods companies use. Moreover, it directly improves the efficiency and profitability of your business.
  • Reduce Hiring Risks: One bad hiring can cost lakhs of rupees, so let your IT staff augmentation process be done by the experienced hiring team. We have rewarding IT experts for your organisation.
  • Saves time and increase ROI: Our IT staff augmentation comes with pay as you go model. Which means you only need to pay on an hourly basis. Such model offers high return on investment.
  • Handles onboarding to HR general administration: Let your team effectively work on your business core activities and let our team effectively take care of your IT staff augmentation.
Whether you need a project manager or an IT expert or both, ValueMap has the right team for you. Get started today! (CTA)

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