UI & UX Design Practice

Life may bring complexity, but our designs need not mimic that. Our guiding principle is to create straightforward, user-friendly User Interfaces (UI) that offer unparalleled User Experiences (UX) for products. This approach puts individuals and the organizations they belong to at the forefront of our design philosophy.

Superior UI & UX DESIGN PRACTICE at ValueMap Technologies

Design Exploration

Should you be initiating the launch of a novel product, our process would commence with a thorough exploration of your business objectives and product aspirations. Through ideation and concept generation, we will persist until we craft a product blueprint that is poised for development.

In the case of an already existing product, initiating with a comprehensive product review proves to be an excellent starting point. This sets the stage for deliberations on the viability of refurbishing your current solution or embarking on a fresh design journey from scratch.

Digital Product Design

We transform into your integrated design unit, seamlessly weaving ourselves into your team. Our role involves nurturing the product vision, a process encompassing research, conceptualization, sketching, prototyping, and subjecting digital product experiences to user testing.

We excel at recognizing design challenges and formulating sophisticated remedies, all while strategically advising on functionalities and features. Furthermore, we crystallize design concepts that harmonize interaction patterns, user journeys, design frameworks, and interfaces for a cohesive product.

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Best-in-class UI & UX DESIGN PRACTICE at ValueMap Technologies
Unparalleled UI & UX DESIGN PRACTICE at ValueMap Technologies

Web Accessibility

Our fervour lies in championing digital accessibility and user-friendliness. We undertake a comprehensive assessment of your product to ascertain its alignment with digital accessibility mandates.

Subsequently, we collaborate closely with you, equipping you with the essential technical guidance to connect with customers possessing diverse physical and cognitive capabilities. This collaboration culminates in the development of a holistic digital accessibility strategy that spans the entire process.

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Application Managed Services

ValueMaps’ Application Managed Services streamline your post go-live application support operations, enhancing user satisfaction and elevating service quality, all while lowering operating costs. Our offerings span from brief post go-live assistance to extended application operation and administration for your technology solutions.

Exceptional APPLICATION MANAGED SERVICES at ValueMap Technologies

Our expert consultations for Day 2 Operations guarantee the stability of the solution, prompt resolution of trouble tickets, and meticulous handling of minor refinements to align with actual customer usage patterns. These efforts collectively accelerate adoption and facilitate a swift return on investment (ROI).

AMS delivers application administration and support tailored to your specific customizations and integrations. Additionally, it manages the day-to-day operation of your solutions, allowing your in-house skilled resources to concentrate on generating greater value for your business.

Structured Service Transition

A two-to-six-week structured transition phase based on the scope and complexity of your environments.

Service Team

Your choice of on-shore or offshore Service Delivery Manager and an Operations Lead who manages the team to deliver services within agreed SLAs and quality levels.

Application Administration

Comprehensive administration for development, user acceptance testing (UAT) and production environments.

Service Management

Management of service-related incidents and issues within agreed SLAs and change-request fulfilment based on your standard processes.

Add-On Services

An extensive catalogue of valuable AMS services.

Outstanding APPLICATION MANAGED SERVICES at ValueMap Technologies
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Quality Assurance Solutions





Customer Communication Management

Deliver captivating digital interactions through cutting-edge customer communication management (CCM).

The era of experience-focused transformation is here. To uphold their carefully attained edge in competitiveness, enterprises must meet customer expectations by providing timely access to pertinent information. It’s not solely about what information is provided, but also about when, where, and how it’s accessed. With omni-channel interaction becoming standard, individuals now anticipate the same calibre of service from their insurance, financial services, and healthcare suppliers.

Exceptional CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT at ValueMap Technologies


Whether you’re aiming to uphold brand uniformity, expedite the rollout of new projects, or deliver precise and individualized communications, the transformation of your digital experience framework stands as a pivotal factor in securing lasting competitive superiority. Our assemblage of consultants, all certified in the product, lends their expertise to aid insurance, financial, and healthcare entities in executing analyses for product alignment, detecting, and rectifying operational inadequacies, streamlining document workflows through automation, and leveraging cloud computing and interactive documents to curtail the necessity for IT interference.

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Implementation and Support

Elevate your CCM architecture for a business pace aligned with the digital realm.

Contemporary customer communication management systems empower your enterprise to grow in sync with demand, handling data from diverse business domains and ensuring smooth integration with core platforms.

Benefit from ValueMap’s wealth of implementation know-how, industry-targeted accelerators, and finest practices, resulting in a streamlined project schedule and reduced time to market. Our robust QA/testing team bolsters implementation through an all-encompassing testing structure. Additionally, our customers enjoy managed services that extend to round-the-clock support.

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Outstanding CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT at ValueMap Technologies

Legacy Migration, Consolidation and Upgrade

Embarking on the journey of digital transformation can appear overwhelming, and managing outdated print applications typically involves expensive customizations and adaptations. However, this need not remain the status quo. Acquire the necessary proficiency to facilitate the migration process swiftly and with minimal disruptions, resulting in decreased upkeep expenses and technological obligations.

ValueMap offers migration frameworks, accelerators, and tried-and-tested methodologies, all rooted in substantial know-how gained from implementing extensive-scale legacy migrations, product harmonization’s, and upgrades. We’re also adept at aiding our clients in enhancing their existing CCM ecosystems to incorporate top-tier versions, deployed across public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.

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Enterprise Document Management Solutions

Integrating technology, alliances, and diverse talents for empowered businesses through innovative solutions and dynamic workforce acquisition.

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